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Meddling with Monsters

Nov 16, 2021

In which Ashton plays Sorry, Cassandra looks like a gremlin, Dain rings a bell, and Tempest makes an unimpressive spear selection.

Content Warning: This episodes contains descriptions of firearm/police violence (timestamps at the end of shownotes). Big thanks to Rhys Tirado for doing a sensitivity reading/listening for this episode. You can hire contact/hire them at and @nonbinarhys on twitter! 

Twitter: @meddlingpod


CWs: Police/threats of violence from police (32:58-42:12), description/sound of gunshot and aftermath (40:23-42:12), news report discussion police violence (42:46-45:20), phone call concerning aftermath of police violence (47:18-51:10), brief mention of cops (89:11-89:24). Screaming, car accidents, falling, family trauma, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, religion.