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Meddling with Monsters

Oct 31, 2022

Hey folks! As a little treat this Halloween season, Daisy is sharing her team's entry into this year's Phonic Fiction Fest, a 48 hour audio drama competition. We are still recording and working on more Meddling episodes, though some health problems for the team have slowed things down more than we originally hoped....

Jul 12, 2022

In which the gang attempts to grab some food between some adventures, while avoiding the gravest dangers of all: the items on the Waffle House menu.

Introducing Meddling Minis! Small shorts to tide you over until the beginning of Season 2.

CW: Food, mentions of violence

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Feb 9, 2022

Hey folks! We have been talking as a group, and we think it's a good idea for the show to take a proper season break for a few months. We aren't 100% sure how long this will be, but we will update you all as we figure out our schedule. This feed will still stay active during that time, and we'll be posting behind...

Jan 24, 2022

In which Ashton bribes a hotel clerk, Cassandra pulls a Russian doll act, Dain eats a bag of Dorritos, and Tempest gets a bumper sticker.

CW: Violence, food, yelling, drowning, being trapped in an enclosed space.

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Jan 15, 2022

Our fashionably late holiday show, in which Ashton goes on hiatus, Calypso shoots some elves, Cassandra hates all the terrible noise, Dain learns what it's like to be white, and no one goes to Tempest's Funeral. 

CW: Violence, Christmas, religion, violence against child-like entities, depression, burns.

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